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gadsden dynamics war belt with ar15

Gadsden Dynamics earlier in the year teased that they had a new battle belt/war belt coming down the pipeline. As you can read here and here, I have been constantly tinkering with my own battle belt design for some time. Nothing seemed to be working like I wanted it too, except for the HSGI Rifle Taco Pouches.

I was intrigued by the design and went ahead and ordered one when they became available a little over a month ago. I am glad I did. As you can see in the picture above, I have a double pistol mag pouch, two Taco pouches, and one of the new 5.11 Ignitor medical pouches attached to the belt. I am searching for the pistol holster that I plan to order for my handgun. I also plan to attach a multitool and a knife to the belt. Very lightweight plan overall.

gadsden dynamics war belt close up
The Gadsden Dynamics War Belt comes in four different sizes. Pay attention during ordering. They have also built in harness attachment loops if you desire to attach a harness.
One of the unique features is the lining of the belt. It has a gripping quality to it to prevent the belt from spinning or moving too much due activity. In a market of overly stiff and heavy battle belts, Gadsden Dynamics moved the other way towards a light, low profile design. Without the med pouch on, I have no doubt that I could wear a light jacket over the top of the belt and have very little printing.

gadsden dynamics war belt bare


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