Changes on the Horizon

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Over the last few months we have been considering making some changes to our company to better focus on our goal of Innovating Gear for the Prepared Civilian. Let's face it - there is a TON of "tactical" gear offered on the market and we feel that there are a lot of great and maybe even exhaustive options for standard platforms: chest rigs, battle belts, plate carriers, etc. 

However, we have come to realize the growing interest and need for unconventional gear more focused on the "gray man" mentality of maintaining a low-profile, particularly in a collapse situation. In the most likely of scenarios, having the ability to stay under the radar and blend into whatever "society" is left, while still being well armed and equipped will be absolutely key to survival. This idea also applies to the present as well - the ability to be armed without surrounding people knowing. 

It is because of this growing interest and need in the gear market that we will be removing some of our products in an effort to better hone in and increase interest and production on offerings that align with this goal. Our Underground Partisan Chest Rig has been very popular, and we plan to focus on increasing interest and popularity in this product, as well as offer options for more weapon platforms. Our War Belt is also gaining popularity because if its low profile design, and excellent gripping properties!

We will of course continue doing any sort of custom design work requested, and always invite customer ideas, suggestions, and custom gear requests! We are very excited for what is in store as we move forward with these changes, and look forward to providing our customers continually with top-quality customer service AND gear!



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