EDC Wallet - Available Soon!

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In a time when the likelihood of needing to defend oneself is climbing, so also is the need to carry important survival and self defense tools. This can be difficult depending on your occupation and depending on what you normally wear since there just doesn't ever seem to be enough pockets! We are soon releasing the EDC Wallet to help you carry more survival tools in a minimalist fashion in a sleek design without clogging up your pockets.

Perfectly paired with our Tourniquet Ankle Band, the EDC Wallet allows you to carry the essential IDs, credit cards, and a little cash, but also includes an elastic front pocket to hold items such as a lighter or small ferro rod and has an elastic loop on the side which is designed to hold a flashlight! The great thing about this design is it keeps these important items in a single, compact package that can be fed either on a belt, or in your pocket as you would normally carry a wallet.

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