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Let's talk about our new chest rig features!

As you may have noticed, we recently redesigned our chest rig line to be more versatile yet still just as lightweight and minimalist as before! We had a lot of requests to make our platform more compatible with plate carriers and also to be more easily adjustable. We listened and here is our answer! 

black underground partisan chest rig panel with standard harness

Prior to these recent changes, our chest rig platform had a neoprene backing. We did away with this and went to a thinner, 1000D Cordura body design with a 4" x 10" hook velcro backing. This not only allows for attachment to most plate carriers with loop velcro on the front, it also opens the door to a host of hook and loop accessories that can be added or removed depending on what you are doing. The hook backer is also what secures the front 2" shoulder straps on our new harness to the chest rig panel. More accessories will be available later this year, but you can purchase our tourniquet holder now. All rig panels ship with a loop cover panel that covers the hook velcro when the chest rig is being used on its own.

We also slightly modified our mag pouch design such that the magazines ride lower, therefore making them even more secure than the prior design. There were no retention issues with our prior mag pouch design so this is just an enhancement on an already great design! 

As you will notice, we added 1" webbing loops on the corners of the chest rig panel as well as webbing loops on the top of the panel. The side loops can be fitted with split bar female buckles, which can then be used to connect our harness. The webbing loops on the top of the panel are spaced for compatibility with the swift buckle system used on many plate carriers. Split bar male buckles for this purpose are included when you purchase any rig panel.

Finally, harnesses are now sold separate from the rig panels. This way if you want just a rig panel that you can fix to a plate carrier you don't need to spend the extra money on a harness. Our new harness design is just as low profile as the previous design, but is completely removable as mentioned above. The harness is also universally sized and designed to be cut to fit. The 1" adjustment webbing has a raw end that can be cut down to fit your body size. The opposite end of this 1" webbing is then positioned to be a quick adjustment point which you can easily tighten or loosen to make the rig fit perfectly and adjust quickly.

The design changes discussed above apply to all our chest rigs including anything designed and purchased using our Chest Rig Builder. We currently offer two different preconfigured chest rigs: the Underground Partisan Chest Rig and the Culper Chest Rig. These rigs are basic layouts that are easy to purchase and make for an excellent, basic minimalist chest rig. If these don't satisfy your needs, our Chest Rig Builder will be your best friend! With the rig builder you can use our drag and drop builder interface to custom design the exact layout you want. We have multiple magazine size options, PALS columns, and admin pouch options to choose from. If there is an option you'd like to see that we don't offer, shoot us an email through the website and we will consider it!

We are very excited about these changes, and hope you are also! If you have any questions, please drop a comment below. We love answering questions and engaging with our customers and hope you will take advantage of our excellent customer service and pick our brains! 




  • Gadsden Dynamics

    Tucker: We are working on a dangler medical / admin pouch currently. We are also considering other attachments such as chem light holders, shotgun shell dangler rack, and others. All in due time!

  • Tucker

    What new attachments are in the works for the chest rig?

  • Gadsden Dynamics

    Dan: We don’t offer that as a standard option yet since the release of the new stuff, but shoot us an email at: and we can get one made for you!

  • Dan

    Do you still offer your chest rig? This seemed to be the best shotgun chest rig on the market, and I was just about to pull the trigger on one, but I can’t find that product anymore.

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