ShotStop - Top Quality, Lightweight Body Armor

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ShotStop - Top Quality, Lightweight Body Armor

We are very excited to be teaming up with ShotStop to soon offer our Adaptable Lightweight Plate Carrier (ALPC) with the best armored plates on the market! We will sell the ALPC at a discounted rate if purchased with ShotStop plates and also plates by themselves if you already have a carrier. ShotStop body armor is second to none. We have seen their performance first hand, and were blown away at how incredibly lightweight yet effective they are. Body armor is the one thing you MUST have full confidence in, because you won't know it actually works until you get shot. We have full confidence in ShotStop's proprietary bullet stopping technology after having seen the results of their testing. You simply can't beat the weight and effectiveness of these plates. Also, to top all that off, ShotStop plates are made less than an hour from our shop, right here in Northeast Ohio!

Stay tuned for availability on the best body armor in the market at great prices! 

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