The Making of the Commanders Case

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The Making of the Commanders Case

The Commanders Case has become a well loved piece of gear across all branches of the United States military. Given that we are a civilian owned and operated company, you may be wondering: how did the Commanders Case come to be?

In late 2015 / early 2016 one of my brothers had joined the US Marine Corps as a radio operator. Our company had been in business for 2 years, our main product being the Underground Partisan Chest Rig. At the time we also did a lot more custom work and were approached by a couple JTAC friends of my brothers regarding a custom tablet case.

Tablets and phones were becoming much more common in the JTAC world, and the available methods for carrying them on a plate carrier were marginal at best, one of which is shown below:

old usmc tablet holder

The problems with the above issued tablet carrier are mostly self explanatory, but to name a few: very little protection of the tablet, difficult to use, lack of durability, and no extra pouches or pockets.

Our first version of the Commanders Case was off to a great start, a huge improvement over what the USMC JTACs were using at the time. The first working version of the Commanders Case is shown below during a field test in TwentyNine Palms, CA:first version of the commanders case

From the first version we learned we needed to use a more durable zipper that would withstand the roughest of conditions. Instead of using coil zipper, we switched to using molded tooth zipper, which is extremely durable and long lasting. The tooth design of molded tooth zipper is such that it will not bind up when dirty, and is far less likely to wear out or break in the harshest of conditions. In addition to the change in the type of zipper we used, the JTACs also requested built in pen holder loops and a couple pockets, large and small. The pockets can hold maps, small notebooks, cards, and other handy items. We also added a water resistant map case for quickly viewing maps and coordinates in rainy or snowy conditions.

The Commanders Case secures to PALS webbing with 2 (included) HSGI Short MOLLE clips. The front of the case not only has PALS webbing but also has loop velcro on the front of each PALS row for securing patches. 

The final version of the Commanders Case was a huge success, a relief to JTACs and TACPs who now had an ideal way to quickly and efficiently use their phones and tablets, and protect them when not in use. 

The Commanders Case is now used by individuals in all branches of the United States military and the reviews speak for themselves.The Commanders Case is PATENT PENDING and BERRY COMPLIANT. We offer it in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate any tablet or phone. We also offer quantity discounts for unit orders, generally starting at quantities of 10 and up. For bulk orders, we may be able to do custom color / pattern runs, just Contact Us


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