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The Gadsden Dynamics EDC Gun Belt is an innovative belt designed specifically for the prepared civilian who is serious about the every day carry (EDC) of self defense tools during all aspects of every day life. Our gun belt is designed to be extremely thin but with optimal support for a handgun. We achieve this by layering 1.5" mil-spec webbing with a thin inner strip of extremely high tensile strength nylon sheet material. This allows for an appropriately low profile and flexible belt but with excellent rigidity to properly support a handgun, magazine pouches, knife, and anything else one would carry on a gun belt.

We also designed this belt to be easily fed through belt loops without the need to unfeed and refeed any buckles. It uses the AustriAlpin 1" low profile (*NOT PPE rated) Cobra buckles which are 2mm thinner and are overall smaller than the standard PPE rated 1" Cobra buckles.

The final unique design feature of the EDC Gun Belt is our adjustment system: we use thin 1" metal triglides for adjustment and no hook and loop fastener. Not only does hook and loop fastener wear out over time (especially on things like belts since the fastener is cycled often), but it also adds quite a bit of unnecessary bulk. Our adjustment system is easy to use and will last a lifetime.


*Sizes shown are pants waist sizes. So if you wear size 32 waist pants, order the 31 - 33 belt size, and we oversize the belt to accommodate for going over top of your pants. 

*Buckles are not removable, so some feed-through holsters may not work with our belt.

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