Triple-G Mini Chest Rig

Regular price $40.00

Why spend the money on a magazine pouch or carrier for extra mags in your vehicle or get-home bag when you can spend the money on a piece of gear that not only hides them from being distinguished as magazines but also transforms into a chest rig or bandoleer in a pinch.  

The Triple-G (Gadsden Grab-n-Go) is a compact, inconspicuous rifle mag carrier with the ability to rapidly deploy into a minimalist chest rig or bandoleer. It packs extremely small, and can be stowed in tight spaces such as a bugout bag, vehicle, etc. It is designed to be a one-size-fits-all, shipped with plenty of waist strap that can be cut to the appropriate length for any body size. The pull tab on the neck strap makes it quickly adjustable when worn.


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