EDC Fit Shorts

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We are strong believers in a healthy and fit lifestyle and we also believe that responsible civilians should do their very best to carry a firearm whenever and wherever possible. This can sometimes become a challenge, particularly when wearing summer apparel such as athletic type clothing.

There are a few concealed carry systems designed for those who lead an active lifestyle, but we took a step back to look at simplifying this dilemma. Why not come up with a high quality, American Made athletic shorts design that has belt loops so you can wear your standard gun belt and all your normal EDC gear? Enter, our EDC Fit Shorts! These shorts are extremely comfortable, American Made, and have sewn in elastic belt loops that will support most belts up to 1.5" wide.

These shorts are made from a special weave material called Microtech, which is 100% Polyester. The material has superior moisture-wicking, anti-snag, and anti-odor / anti-microbial properties that make them the perfect choice for runners, weight lifters, or anyone that simply wants to wear a top quality pair of athletic shorts, along with their every day carry self defense weapons and tools!

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