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Carrying basic medical equipment on your person is not only a good idea, it could save your life. We designed the Tourniquet Ankle Band to hold a tourniquet and combat gauze comfortably around your ankle without inhibiting your mobility. If you have too much gear wrapped around your ankle it will affect your ability to run, jump and climb in the event of a confrontation or self defense situation. Our Tourniquet Ankle Band has been tested in a variety of situations by a number of individuals including former law enforcement and veterans to prove it's functionality and reliability.

The tourniquet holder will hold a SOF-T or CAT tourniquet. The gauze pouch will hold a packet of compressed combat gauze or other items you deem necessary to carry. Both the tourniquet and gauze pouches have hook and loop close tabs that keep the contents secure inside. The hook and loop close tabs have a sewn in webbing tab that make them easy and quick to rip open. The four inch polyester elastic body of the band gives it stretch and makes it a comfortable fit for any size ankle. Hook and loop is used to secure the it around your ankle. 



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