Low Profile Chest Rigs

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  • Check this box to add 1" buckles and a backstrap to your chest rig.
    -Female buckles are sewn into the bottom of the pane
    -Backstrap comes with male buckles and plenty of webbing length that can be cut to fit
  • Purchasing this Add-On will equip your chest rig with a tourniquet holder sewn at the bottom, centered on your chest rig. This TQ holder will hold a CAT or SOF-T / SOF-T wide tourniquets.

Our low profile chest rig design is simple and practical, having no extra “frills” that could add to it’s bulk. Our unique chest rig design originated from working closely with former U.S. Army Special Forces 18 Bravo, John Mosby from Mountain Guerrilla. This rig has been designed as per John’s requirements and specifications and has been thoroughly tested and proven by him and other military and law enforcement personnel. As interest grew in our design, so did the options that we offer.

We offer pre-designed layouts here for ease of ordering when a basic layout is needed. If one of these layouts doesn't fit your exact needs, check out our interactive Chest Rig Builder to design your own chest rig! 

Either way you choose, our design and quality is the same: top notch!

  • Magazine retention is accomplished by using a 4″ polyester elastic panel sewn into the body of the rig. This provides excellent magazine retention, while permitting easy removal and replacement of magazines
  • The shoulder harness is made from 2″ webbing to give it comfort
  • A 1.5mm thick neoprene backing that goes against the body provides added comfort
  • Our Chest Rigs are offered in 3 belt sizes:
    • Small (28″ – 38″)
    • Medium (38″ – 48″)
    • Large (48″ – 58″)
  • Don't forget to select if you are right-handed or left-handed:
    • If you select right-handed rifle/pistol combo rigs will have the pistol mag pouches on the left side
    • If you select left-handed rifle/pistol combo rigs will have the pistol mag pouches on the right side
  • All our low profile chest rigs can be converted to be worn as a bandoleer


Underground Partisan - The Underground Partisan layout has 4x 5.56 rifle magazines and is designed to be worn unnoticed under a light jacket or even sweat shirt in an “underground” situation.

Wasp - The Wasp layout was designed in collaboration with Justin Vititoe from Rockcastle Shooting Center, and is geared towards the prepared civilian focused on lightweight gear and mobility. This rig incorporates 2x pistol magazine pouches that can also be used for a multitool, knife, etc., 1x 5.56 rifle magazine pouch that can be used also for a water bottle or even small handgun, and an admin pouch that can be used for medical equipment or survival gear. The admin pouch is fitted with our specially designed Quiet-Close system making it completely silent for opening and closing the pouch. A single column of PALS webbing made with elastic webbing provides a space to hold chem lights, flashlight, knife, or other handy tools!

Enhanced Wasp - The Enhanced Wasp layout is the exact same setup as the Wasp but with an excellent added feature - the front panel with your magazines and admin pouch is backed with industrial strength hook fastener and can be removed from the harness panel and quickly fixed to the front of your loop fastener equipped plate carrier.

Culper - This layout is for those that simply want 2x 5.56 rifle magazines and 3x pistol magazines on their chest rig. It is ideal for a number of situations or operations.

Rogers - This layout is the same as the Underground Partisan layout but with hook and loop closed top mag pouches. This is for those that want the extra security of having closed top magazine pouches. 


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